Venice Canal Historic District, Venice Beach CA

Venice Canal Historic District, Venice Beach, California Usa

In Los Angeles, you will find plenty of places and things to do, one you can’t miss is Venice Beach, in that area you will find “Venice Canal Historic District” a very charming area (in a residential area) with man-made canals.  The founder of this place was a millionaire man named Abbot Kinney.  It has a small resemblance to Venice, Italy, but the cool thing is that it has beaches near it so it has a completely different scenario.

In the canal, you can have romantic walks alone or with your partner, take really cool pictures for your social media.

The environment in Venice Beach (which is really near)  is really cool, you can skate, take your bike there, or simply go for a walk,  you will find musicians in the streets, you can surf , you can go fishing, or simply go and relax and tan in the sun. You know experience the real California feeling.

You find will plenty of restaurants some with terraces to watch sunsets like the “High Rooftop Lounge” (personally I am a sunset lover girl, so this is like one of my favorite activities). There are also plenty of hotels, if you want to stay in the area , like the Cadillac Hotel.

I have never stayed in that area when I go to LA, I like the W hotel in the area of Beverly Hills, but you can also stay in the area of Santa Monica which has really cool hotels with great views of the beach and a Pier with great environment, the Hollywood area (if you want to go to the Hollywood walk of fame) or simply stay downtown if you want to experience the city life.

LA Tips:

1) Go to a restaurant in Santa Monica Pier and watch a sunset if you like mexican food ( like me) go to a restaurant called Mariasol sit outside and enjoy.

2) Go watch a basketball match at LA Live.

3) Go shopping in Rodeo Drive , Beverly Hills.

4) Stay or visit the iconic and emblematic “The Beverly Hills hotel” many movies have been filmed there if you like cinema like me you’ll remember the classic “Troop Beverly Hills”.

5) Go to the TCL Chinese theater book a tour inside it is out of this world.

6) Go to the coolest mall there called “The Grove”.

7) Have dinner at the charming and iconic restaurant “The Ivy”.

8) Go to Hollywood walk of fame filled with restaurants.

9) Of course go to Universal Studios ( you’re never too old to have fun there).

10) Visit the iconic Roosevelt hotel.

If I continue I will never finish , so there you have it ! You’re welcome 😉




Have you ever been to the Venice Canal Historic District in LA ?


“Travel makes one modest.  You see what a tiny place you occupy in this world”. Gustav Flaubert







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