Tigre, Argentina

Tigre, Argentina

One of the most beautiful cities in South America is Buenos Aires Argentina, it has a European feeling, with streets where you can watch people dancing Tango, superb restaurants where you can eat traditional Argentinian Barbecue. A famous restaurant (popular one in Port Madero) where you can eat delicious meat and a bottle of wine is included is called “Siga la Vaca”. A formal one, very nice and elegant is Happening.

If you go to Argentina, Bariloche is a must, its better to go during winter.  But there is also river “Tigre” an excursion by boat  to a natural place in the province of Buenos Aires, you can’t  miss,  where you will see picturesque buildings, rowing clubs,  and  you can find many hotels and restaurants in the river margin. It is really enchanting, believe me !

Argentina is waiting for you Boludo!




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