St. James Park, London

St. James Park, London

Visiting London in the United Kingdom will impress you.  But I must warn you it is a very expensive city, but also very chic and elegant.  When I go I always stay in the area called Piccadilly Circus, which is also known as the mini Time´s Square because of its similarity to NY.

A must,  is visiting the Buckingham Palace where the royals live.  Who knows if you are lucky maybe you can see the Queen heading out.  I also, recommend  watching the Changing of the guards ceremony, held everyday ( I´m not so sure if everyday check schedules) at 11:00 a.m., it is really cool, and a different experience.

Walk around St James Park, the gardens are amazing, and you will see swans, which I think are very exotic animals.

Visit St. James Park and feel like a royal !


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