Santorini Greece


Heaven is a place on earth, possible Greece.  Santorini by far, is my No 1 top destination in the world. It is an island in southern Aegean Sea in Greece,  is extremely beautiful, amazing, impressive, watching the sunsets in there is a must.  Most hotels have private cave pools, I stayed in Maregio Suites in Oia, it had a private balcony with a private cave plunge pool. I loved having my, a la carte, breakfast in there, and watch the views of the caldera.   It is considered to be the most sought after place for a romantic getaway in Greece, also considered one of the ultimate wedding destinations. A trip to Santorini with your loved one is a dream.  Completely picturesque and looks like a marvellous painting

Greek food is delicious, Tzatziki, Greek salad (Choriatiki), Gyros, Meatballs, Baklava (dessert), these are some of the traditional foods you can try, my stomach couldn’t have been happier with Greek food. If you want a nice and fancy dinner in a romantic restaurant with a wonderful view, go to Ambrosia, my favorite, trust me! If you want delicious traditional Greek Food, Thalami restaurant is the answer.

I recommend going there from April to early November, most hotels are closed all other months.

I truly enjoyed Santorini, that’s somewhere I always want to be!

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