Porsche Museum Stuttgart Germany

Porsche Museum in Stuttgart Germany

If you love cars, you have to go to the Porsche Museum, in Stuttgart Germany (the heart of Porsche).  It is a modern museum with the most spectacular cars in the world.

I rented a car and went from Frankfurt,  to Stuttgart it is very easy, I must warn you,  some roads in Germany don’t have a speed limit so people drive extremely fast.  Good Luck with that!

The car in the picture is a classic Porsche the best one that I saw. But if you like modern cars you will find plenty of options to see.

The museum has a wonderful display of cars and history.  You can also buy souvenirs in the gift shop   and little cars if you are a miniature car collector.

“I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself” Ferdinand Porsche








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