New Orleans , Louisiana

New Orleans

I just came back from New Orleans, always wanted to go, it was my first time there, I really enjoyed it.  I stayed in the French Quarter area, in a hotel in the famous Bourbon Street, called Bourbon Orleans hotel.  I chose this hotel, because it is very iconic, it is haunted, it used to be a hospital, and an orphanage.  I didn’t experience anything abnormal, but it was a cool experience.


I did almost everything a tourist can do there, first I took a bus tour, to see the city, then I took a dinner and jazz cruise, at the famous steamboat called Natchez, which I really recommend if you are going there.  Food is awesome, they have creole cuisine, I tried, everything, like the gumbo ( a soup), jambalaya, and ate the famous creamy pralines (shown in the picture above).  The restaurants I recommend which are very important in New Orleans are, Galatoires, and Commanders Palace, to get the best creole food there.

I also went on a swamp and gators tour, really cool, I saw many gators, very closely, a lot of my friends were telling me I was so brave by doing that, because I can´t lie it is a bit scary.  A funny fact I discovered there, is that gators, love marshmallows.

New Orleans is small, from the French Quarter you can easily walk everywhere like the Canal street with great restaurants, and a high end mall, you can also go to the Harrahs casino ( yes the same one that is in Vegas) but this one is nicer (way nicer).

I took another excursion to the Oak Valley plantation, (one hour away by bus), you can see the beautiful mansion (shown above) and experience the history of the plantation and see inside the house.  There are other ones, like Whitney, or Houmas house.

The down part, was that in this particular time of the year, weather is extremely hot, and really humid, which for me is the worst kind of heat.


  1. Stay in a hotel in the French Quarter.
  2. Eat Pralines and Beignets (a French donut).
  3. Eat a restaurant that has live jazz, it is awesome, or take the dinner cruise Natchez.
  4. Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans (the jazz legend).
  5. Take a ghost’s and cemeteries tour.
  6. Go to the Lakeside Mall (30 mins in car from the French Quarter).
  7. Go when the Mardi Gras carnival takes place, they say it is really cool.
  8. Swamp and gators tour is a must.    You’re Welcome 🙂

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