Mithra Cave Hotel Cappadocia

Mithra Cave Hotel Cappadocia is completely recommended!

This year I went to Cappadocia Turkey, and believe me I was really impressed with the place, but also with this hotel, it has a gorgeous terrace ( as shown in my picture) where you can watch the sunset or drink something, and enjoy the views,  it is very romantic.

My room was literally a cave, really cool and mystic.  This hotel is a must, Emre the general manager was great, he arranged the hot air balloon ride  for me (which is hard in Cappadocia because of its high demand) If you go to Cappadocia I recommend booking the hot air balloon ride  with a lot of time in advance.

You have to experience and see Cappadocia with your own eyes, and definitely go to this hotel.

Cappadocia has to be on your bucketlist!


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