Mammoth Lakes, and CES 2020

Mammoth Lakes and CES 2020

Happy New Year, everyone ! On the first week of January I visited an amazing place:  Mammoth Lakes ( in California) ! five hours driving from Las Vegas Nevada, it is a small town, with a village filled with restaurants, and a gondola that can take you to the top of the mountain, so you can ski, and get amazing views of the lakes! On top of the mountain, there is also a restaurant with amazing views, where you can chill and relax a bit.

It had amazing weather, the mountain was covered with snow (since is a ski resort), so December and January its high-season, the perfect months to go there.

Because it is a small town, finding hotels, and place in restaurants, was hard.  There are two nice restaurants, in the Village, one called Gomez Tequileria, and the other one called Campo (Italian), eating dinner in those two was complicated, since everyone wants to go , when they finish their skiing day.  They don’t take reservations, and close around 9:00 pm, therefore they stop receiving people at 7.00 pm, so be patient my friend.


There a lot of fun activities you can do around the area, like going to Convict Lake ( 30 mins driving), gorgeous views, and Mono Lake (Tufa Natural Reserve also 30 mins driving) great place also to visit.  Yosemite National Park is near too, unfortunately I couldn’t go, because the road was closed to get there due to the snow.  But trust me, that park is a beauty, highly recommended.

My hotel was not so good, it was called Shiloh Inn at Mammoth, it was old, and expensive, but since it was high season, that was my only choice.  So if you are planning to visit, be careful and be aware of that.

Then I returned to Vegas, to attend CES 2020 (consumers electronic show) the most important technologic show in the world, this is my 10th year attending, saw many amazing things.  I recommended you to attend if you can !

TIP:  In Mammoth there is a free shuttle that can take you to the village, and to the main station to take the gondola, so that is pretty cool ! You practically don’t need a car to get around, you can leave your car in the hotel !

Wish you a year with lots of travels ! Happy 2020 !

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