Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

One of my favorite European cities is Madrid, Spain. The best place to stay there is in the famous “Gran Via” avenue, filled with great restaurants, shops, full of people and life, where you can easily go  from there to the famous “Puerta de Alcalá” or to the iconic “Cibeles plaza” which is where people gather to celebrate when the soccer Spanish team, Real Madrid wins (I´m a Barca fan by the way). “Neptune Plaza” is also nearby where the soccer team “Atlético de Madrid” celebrates there their victories.

I have been there several times, and stayed in various hotels, but the ones I recommend are Vincci The Mint, an avant-garde hotel right in the heart of the avenue, it has a unique design and a cool rooftop to have a drink and get really great views. The other one I recommend is the Westin Palace, a luxurious five star hotel, very well located.

In the photo shown above, you can appreciate a great view of “Gran Via”, you can get this view and take nice pictures, if you go to the department store “El Corte Inglés”, where in the last floor you will find plenty of food options, the perfect place to watch the sunset, to eat top Iberian ham, and Manchego cheese with the best Spanish wine, like Marques del Riscal which is one of my favorites.

“While the people of Madrid seem to have resigned to selling almost anything – the one thing they have never given up on so far – is time. It is the one commodity that is never sold and always shared.”
Lauren Klarfeld




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