French Riviera, France

The French Riviera (South of France)

A few weeks ago it was my birthday, since it was a very important decade, I decided to treat myself with a little trip to the South of France, I have never been there, so it was time to go.  I had been to Paris and Alsace before, but never to the “Côte d’Azur”.  I have been in Italy’s Amalfi Coast (which in my opinion is more beautiful) but this one is completely wonderful and beautiful too.

First, went for a few days to Chicago in the US, then flew to Paris, stayed in Paris one night, on a beautiful hotel with partial view of the Eiffel Tower called First, and went to have dinner to “Champs Elysees”, where I took really cool pictures of the Arc de Triomphe (shown above), I even bought tickets to see the show LIDO, which is a very Frenchy show, which I recommend if you are going to Paris. You can buy tickets with dinner and champagne included, or only with champagne. Dress appropriately if you are going.

Then I took a plane from Paris to Nice (1 hr approximately) , took a bus (40 mins) and arrived in Cannes,  my first stop.  It was the Cannes Film Festival, so it was really busy, and a fenomenal environment, I saw the red carpet, and saw,  entering to his hotel,  actor and director Quentin Tarantino, I was really excited to see him, but I didn’t say anything because I know from previous experiences, that celebrities don’t like to be disturbed, I acted normal.  From Cannes I took a one day excursion by boat to Saint Tropez, I don’t remember if it was one hour or two hours to get there, but believe me, Saint Tropez was my favorite place of all the French Riviera, and  regret not staying there  more days , but I didn’t know I was going to like it so much.  It was Saturday, filled with people, but I like it that way, it is so depressing going to a place with few people there, (in my opinion).  St Tropez is very small, but extremely beautiful, trust me.  Next time, I will plan staying there more days.

My next stop was Nice, I only stayed there one night, also extremely beautiful, with streets filled with restaurants, and a nice street where you can walk by the beach I don’t remember the name right now, but I recommend staying in a hotel in that avenue with beach front views.

Then I went to Monte Carlo, Monaco (which is a different country), and watched the Grand Prix, in front of me, what a great experience, it was on my bucket list, so it fulfilled all my expectations.  In Monte Carlo I stayed in one of the best and iconic hotels there, it is called “Hermitage Hotel”, extremely luxurious, the rooms have wonderful views. I saw the one and only Monte Carlo Casino. That is why Las Vegas has a casino/hotel called Monte Carlo, inspired in the original one (it doesn’t look anything like the one in Monaco but ok ).  Monte Carlo is an extremely elegant and luxurious city, people dress extremely nice so If you go, DO NOT wear shorts and flip flops :).

Next I went to Menton, (my last stop in the French Riviera) what a lovely city, extremely quiet, the beach is extremely nice, the colors of the water are impressive.  Then I went back to Paris, stayed one more night and then back to Chicago.



  1. To go to the French Riviera you must take a plane from Paris it is faster than a train, 1 hour aprox.
  2. To go from city to city in the French Riviera you can go by Uber, they are 20 mins apart from each other with traffic.
  3. Don’t fly drones in Monte Carlo it is prohibited, I had an uncomfortable experience.
  4. If you want to see the Grand Prix, stay in Nice, those days hotels are extremely expensive.
  5. If you go to Paris you must see the show LIDO.
  6. Some  French people (not all of them) don’t like when you speak to them in English, if you speak Spanish like me, it is better, they will treat you better.  Like I said NOT everyone, that’s what I experimented.






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