Cinque Terre , Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

I just came back from Cinque Terre in Italy ( I also went to Croatia, I will post about that after this one) for my Easter 2019 vacations.

Italy, as I have mentioned in other posts, has many beautiful places to visit, and I always wanted to go to Cinque Terre, which basically consists of five picturesque little towns, with colorful houses.  The five towns are Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Monterosso Al Mare, and Levanto.  My favorite one, was Riomaggiore (which is the first town) and that is were I stayed, that was my base town.  I stayed in what I thought it was a hotel, but it consists of various rooms with a balcony with great views of the town, free mini bar, great location, called La Cometa Di Rio, it is extremely well located so I definitely recommend it.

Then I took a boat, that takes you to all the other towns. My next stop was, Manarola, it has impressive views, and the town is very charming, to get the best views I definitely suggest you to have lunch or a drink at a restaurant called Nessun Dorma, there you will understand the wonderful and best views ( I recommend getting there around 11:55 am because people make lines to get in).  Next stop was Vernazza, pretty amazing also, and my last stop was Monterosso Al Mare, which had a great beach and I went to a restaurant to see the sunset and have a delicious limoncello. Levanto is also part of Cinque Terre, but they use it more like a train station town.

Some people like to stay in La Spezia, a city that has more shops and more supermarkets, and has a train station, but is not as charming as the other towns,  and then go by boat to see all Cinque Terre, in one day you can see them all, because they are small.

Time for a story:

I first went for a few days to Milan, there I bought a train ticket to go to La Spezia and then to Riomaggiore, left from Milan´s Central Station.  When we got on the train, as always , and as normal, we placed our backpack on the compartment above the head (the backpack had a camera a very good Cannon one, a lens, a DJI drone, a wallet with credit cards, and money inside), an expert thief, when we stopped at the next station called Pavia, rapidly and professionally took the backpack and left the train with our backpack.  It was very quick, but very unfortunate.  We had to go to the police and make a complaint, but they told us, that this thieves are professionals, and they are normal Italian people who live by doing that, of course the backpack never appeared.  So the moral of this story is, never ever place your backpack,  purse or carry on bag on the compartment above on a train, put it under your feet and never leave your things unattended. Do you have a similar story you can tell me ?


Travel Tips:

  1.  Getting from Milan to Cinque Terre takes 3 hours.
  2. Buy the ticket to La Spezia and then to Riomaggiore.
  3. Bring cash, a lot of restaurants and shops don’t accept credit cards.
  4. If you pay in cash always check that they give you the correct amount of change, some people are shady.
  5. Never ever leave your purse, backpack on the compartment above your head on a train.
  6. You can see all Cinque Terre in one day.
  7. Staying there for a weekend is more than enough.
  8. See the towns by boat, so you can have a full view of them.

You’re Welcome. Mi Piace Viaggiare !




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