HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! A few weeks ago I attended one of the most important electronic shows in the world, I´m talking about CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show), it is the biggest in the world.  This is my 6th year attending, and  if you are into technology I really recommend you to attend. You will be amazed with all the trending tech things.

This year the things I was really impressed by was a huge Helicopter Drone of the company BELL, it was amazing (shown in one of the pictures below), I also saw a personal ultrasound machine imagine that ? now you don’t have to go to a lab and pay a lot of money for one.  The QLed tv´s by LG where out of this world, these were some of the things that really caught my attention, but there were many more.  So it is best if you go.  The downside is, that hotels in those days can cost you from $600 to $1000 a night, because people from all over there world attend CES.

I wanted to visit another state, because I have been to Las Vegas, plenty of times, so I went to Scottsdale in Arizona, it is very a tranquil town, I recommend going and staying in the area of Old Town, packed with restaurants and a wonderful mall called Fashion Square.  Going to the Botanical Gardens is a must, or hiking in McDowell Sonoran Preserve. I rented a Jeep and it was perfect for that area because you can take it to a lot of trails designed for those cars, and it is a different adventure.

I also recommend going to the towns of Carefree, and Cave Creek very western like, very different and cool.  I even bought my own little cactus to have at home.  On my way back to Las Vegas, I went to the Grand Canyon Skywalk deck, really impressive by the way (but once you are in the skywalk you are not allowed to take your cellphone, so I couldn’t take any pictures). The skywalk has the best views of the Grand Canyon, it has the eagle point view, and the guano point view, the best ones.  I got to buy a lot of souvenirs from the Hualapai tribe, (because the skywalk is part of the reserve of the Native American tribe called Hualapai).

So there you have it, go to CES and if you want something different, drive to Scottsdale Arizona (5 to 6 hours drive) but totally worth it.


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