I just came back from an amazing trip to Brazil, I was very excited to be there, last time I went was on 2014 (for the World Cup in Sao Paulo), but mostly I was excited because 11 years ago, I went to Rio de Janeiro to Fashion Rio, I met model Gisele Bundchen, because I used to have Brazilian clothing store, called Colcci, and she was the ambassador of the brand, and it was about time to return there.  My first stop was Denver for a few days, and then flew to Sao Paulo for a few days as well.

Sao Paulo is a nice city, very hectic by the way, but nice, I stayed on the Pullman hotel, and I couldn’t miss going to a brazilian churrascaría, actually I went to three, I love the rodizio system, where you can try all sorts of meat cuts, the best churrascaria´s according to what I experienced where:

  1. Jardineira Grill, (besides the delicious meats, they have huge shrimp in the buffet) that’s is why is my no. 1 choice.
  2. Vento Haragano, is near the famous street Oscar Freire, and it is pretty good also.
  3. Barbacoa, some people say it is the best, not for me, but it is delicious also.

There very cool malls there, like JK Iguatemi, with high-end stores, but I discovered a new one, which has  a terrace filled with restaurants where you can get a perfect view of Sao Paulo, it is called shopping Cidade Jardim, it is very exclusive I highly recommend it.

Then I flew to Rio de Janeiro, the only airline that I found to go there was GOL, but I don’t like low cost airlines, they are not very organized, and you have to pay for your luggage, anyway, I stayed in the iconic Copacabana Palace Hotel, it is considered one of the bests hotels, they where filming season two of a Netflix series called La Coisa Mais Linda (The most beautiful thing). This hotel is a must, it has perfect rooms, mine had a great view of the beach, they provide chargers if you need them, Ipanema loafers which you can take, water, the breakfast is included and it is delicious with a variety of food.

Things you can´t miss in Rio de Janeiro:

  1. Pao de Açúcar (Sugar loaf mountain) you will see the most wonderful views of Rio, it was 15 mins from my hotel, when you get there you pay, and a cable car takes you to the top, on the mountain, you can take a helicopter ride, (highly recommended).  There is also a very nice restaurant, to have lunch with a view called Classic Bar.
  2. Christ redeemer, prepare your camera because it is a classic, to get there you pay and a train takes you to the top in 20 minutes, to see it, you can go through the elevator but there is always a line of people waiting for it, or if you like to do exercise, you can climb the 220 stairs, to get there (not for me thank you).
  3. Maracana Stadium, take a tour of the famous stadium you won’t regret it.
  4. Marius Degustare churrascaria, they don’t have the rodizio system, but it is also an all you can eat meat, and seafood, the restaurant is really cool decorated (pirate style).
  5. Of course stay at the iconic Copacabana Palace hotel.
  6. Leblon beach, and the streets in there are very exclusive.
  7. Vintage mall, Barra Shopping, are cool malls if you want to do a little shopping.

Important advice:  Copacabana can be a little dangerous, therefore, is not recommended to walk, with jewelry, cameras and cellphones.  Unfortunately, in Brazil,  there a lot of people who clone credit cards, you must be very careful, it is better to pay, with your phone, if you have an iPhone, use the wallet option.


Brasil is waiting for you !

Voce gosta do Brasil ?

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