Avalon (Catalina Island)

Avalon (Catalina Island)

Have you ever heard of “hidden gem” places? well, last week I discovered one of the most beautiful towns in California, a place called AVALON, in Catalina Island, it is a small place, but filled with wonderful things to do, it has an amazing beach, a street filled with restaurants, and a casino.  You can rent a golf car (50 dollars per hour), and see the complete town.  They give you a map, and where to go to get the best views.

I also took a semi-submarine tour, it was completely worth it, I love submarines, so I was really excited, saw a lot of fish, and had a great time (tour takes around 45 mins).


I must tell you, for me it was hard to find a hotel, so the only one I found (available) was the Holiday Inn Resort, it is not exactly downtown, but they have a shuttle that takes you there every 10 mins.

You can eat delicious fresh seafood, I recommend a restaurant called Bluewater Grill, with wonderful views.

To get to Catalina Island, you must go to the Long Beach port (in California), and buy tickets at www.catalinaexpress.com, (a boat)  tickets cost, around 75$ each (business class in a lounge called The Commodore Lounge they give you a free drink (it can be alcoholic) and a snack. From Long Beach to Catalina Island takes about 1 hour (by boat).  At the port, most of hotels, will be waiting for you.

I also flew my drone, to see wonderful videos of Avalon, please go to my Youtube Channel Mrs Luxury Travel, subscribe and enjoy, check out my instagram, for cool pics!




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