All Saints Day, Guatemala

Día de todos Los Santos, Guatemala

On November first in Guatemala is celebrated “All Saints Day”, a day to remember all our deceased loved ones who are accompanied by Saints in heaven.  This is a national holiday, offices, banks are closed.

It is customary to visit them in their graves with all the family, some families cook what the person in life use to love eating.  But most of all the people in Guatemala that day, eat a traditional dish called “Fiambre” which is basically a mixture of vegetables with sausages, cheese and hams in a traditional sauce called “caldillo”  which makes it very juicy, some people make white fiambre, others prefer red fiambre ,the difference is that the red one has a lot of beet.

But one of the most important traditions in that day, is going to a place called Sumpango , where gigantic kites are prepared and flown (it takes a lot people to fly them), you can see plenty of them with different decorations, it is really a wonderful experience and it represents that the spirits of our loved ones in heaven, are flying with the kites.

If you visit Guatemala on November 1st don’t miss this wonderful celebration.

Perhaps you need a little Guatemala !

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